Regulations Governing Use of School Facilities

1.            Facilities are available for reservation between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM outside of school hours. Exceptions, such as latchkey, are handled on an individual basis. A facility request must be completed at least 7 days in advance of a desired event.

2.            Facilities would be available only when a custodian, staff member, Recreation Commissioner (or adult designee), or school business partnership individual is present and agrees to supervise throughout the activity.

3.            The use of any building or grounds or any part thereof is granted on the condition that if needed for school activities on any of the dates granted, grantee agrees to forgo its use on such dates.

4.            When school is canceled or dismissed early due to inclement weather, rentals will be at the discretion of the renting organization. Overtime fees may be charged for custodial services during these times.

5.            Requests, particularly extended use requests, may be disapproved due to the high use by school activities. Prospective renters will be notified of approval or denial via email.

6.            Approval of a facility rental request, an estimate of charges will be prepared and emailed to the prospective renter.

7.            Applicant agrees to abide by state and local code of laws in using the building and grounds and to prohibit unbecoming conduct within the building and upon the grounds.

8.            Applicant agrees to be responsible to the board of education for the proper use and care of buildings   or grounds and further agrees that the character of activity will conform to that stated in the application.

9.            The building will not be opened until adequate adult supervision is present. Adequate supervision will be determined prior to approval of application. Children not accompanied by parents or other adult supervision will not be permitted in the building.

10.         The kitchen is not to be opened to groups unless a cafeteria employee is in attendance during the period of such use. The outside organization will compensate the board of education in the amount of wages for such cafeteria personnel (this requirement of a cafeteria employee may be waived with special permission from the administrator in charge of that building).

11.         The light and sound systems in the Oley Speaks Auditorium must be supervised by trained staff personnel. The outside organization will compensate the board of education in the amount of wages for such personnel. If lights and sound system is used, two people are required.

12.         The organization or individual using the building or grounds shall assume all liability to spectators and to the board of education for said use and will pay for any damages incurred to people or property. This includes the cost of removing marking from crayons, paints, oils, etc., from the floors, walls, doors, or other parts of the building.

13.         Only staff members will have keys to the weight room. Individuals other than students who wish to use the weight room must first complete a “Hold Harmless and Liability Policy” form to be filed in the office of the Coordinator of Student Activities. Weight room hours will be dictated by the availability of staff members to supervise. Under NO circumstances is the weight room to be opened and left unsupervised.

14.         Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages or tobacco products permitted and/or consumed on school property.

15.         All paper and decorations used in decorating the building must be flameproof, or approved by the building principal.

16.         Lighted candles or flames are a fire hazard & are not to be used within a school facility.

17.         Nails or screws shall not be used for fastening decorations to any part of the building without permission from the building principal.

18.         The building shall be cleaned and rearranged for school use before the next school day, or within 12 hours, whichever is the lesser. An additional charge will be made for non-compliance unless a custodian is scheduled for this responsibility.

19.         Any need of custodial assistance will result in payment by the using group at the overtime rate through the Treasurer’s office.

20.          Failure to properly supervise activities, secure the building upon completion of use, or violation of any of the above regulations can result in loss of privileges for future use.

Non-Discriminatory Community Use of School Facilities

The Board believes that the school facilities of this District should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property or interfere with the educational program of the schools. However, it is the responsibility of the Board of Education to assure that our facilities are not used for purposes which are illegal, or in a manner inconsistent with general principles of non-discrimination. All citizens of the Canal Winchester School District have equal entitlement to use of District facilities.